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Which is better: Reading about how to stop, drop and roll or watching someone successfully extinguish their burning pajamas?

Right. See it - Learn it - Do it. That's why we offer a catalog of scenario based courses.

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We will transform your policies, guidelines, or outdated content into engaging visual learning experiences.

Collaboration is the key to enhancing your training strategy and providing a solution that is practical, affordable, and sustainable.

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Rolling hills. Tall trees. Cool breeze. Everyone loves a Campus. Our Campus gives you none of that, but it does let you get to your courses and records quickly and easily.

You can be confident that your message is being received, results are being tracked, and everyone is enjoying a hassle-free learning experience.


Screenshot of LMS

Your LMS

Our courses and your LMS can live in harmony through the power of SCORM integration. Don't worry if you don't know what this means - we do, and so does your LMS team.

You'll offer courses, view results, and have the freedom to manage your learners using a system that you already know.

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Only pay for what you use with no big commitment. Maybe you're in one-and-done mode. Or maybe you're a small but growing company. You might even be a small department in a big company.

Whatever you need, we'll get you going in our Campus quickly and easily. And best of all, we let you pay us in a variety of ways.

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Plan - Individual and Group


Need a hand managing your training program? Our Campus has more options for larger companies that automate many routine tasks. It's like having a training admin on your staff.

While you focus on fulfilling your needs we'll focus on creating a flexible pricing strategy that eases the stress of commitment.

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Call us toll-free at:
(877) 343-7863
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We partner with industry experts to offer you courses that are built to increase confidence and performance.

Verisk 3E

Chemical Safety
& Compliance

Coaching Systems, LLC

Driver Safety Training


Law Enforcement
Executive Training
& Education

Loss Prevention Foundation

& Education


Compassionate Education
& Rehabilitation

New Jersey State
Safety Council

General Safety &
Accident Prevention

Wicklander-Zulawski &

Interview & Interrogation
Interested in a strategic alliance with Learn it Solutions? Contact us today.

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17 Years. 13 Industries. 2,500 Businesses. 400,000 Learners. And counting.


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